About CGI

Choices Global Institute, helping women since 2015

THE CGI was founded in 2015. Since then, our projects have included working to expand the research and analysis of Second Wave feminism to empower immigrant and minority women who live in shame-and-honor cultures.

We have been researching and publishing material about honor based violence, including honor killing, interviewing victims of such violence, with a special interest in identifying the factors involved in a successful escape from honor-based violence.

We host evenings, small dinners, attend and present at conferences, appear in the media to further understanding globally and to strengthen women individually.

Our projects include our Advisor-in-Chief, Dr. Phyllis Chesler's continuing academic studies at Middle East Quarterly about honor killing; feminist analysis of the forced veiling (the burqa and niqab) of women; child marriage, FGM; consulting with feminists globally who work in these areas and with those who have pioneered websites and social media campaigns to deal with such issues on every continent. Dr. Chesler has also written about and worked with those involved in the rescue of Yazidi and Christian sex slaves from ISIS which were primarily undertaken by the Sister Hatune Dogan Foundation. CGI has sent medical supplies to an orphanage in India which the Hatune Dogan Foundation operates.

The CGI has also participated in the legendary and controversial struggle for Jewish women's rights in Jerusalem--first, by publishing Dr. Chesler’s earliest accounts of this struggle in On The Issues magazine in 1989 and 1990 and more recently by funding the latest stages of this 28 year grassroots battle.

Dr. Chesler is publishing her Collected Writings in the above areas (gender apartheid and honor killing) in two volumes for an academic publisher.

CGI is undertaking a publishing program which will include writing articles for selected venues and re-publishing some pioneering feminist works with new Introductions and Study Guides for students, therapeutic practitioners, and diverse populations.

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